New Sci-Fi Saturday – Before There Were Mindstalkers…, There was Just Solstice Bellatrix having a Rum & Coke.

Solstice Bellatrix gets more than a rum and coke when she decides to meet her best friend out at the Skyline Lounge to catch up. Everything isn't as it seems when she meets a mysterious stranger and a dangerous new threat. The world is a strange and scary place as it is, and Solstice is about to be thrust into a whole new side of the universe she thought she left behind.

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Write What You Know About Romance Even While Single & #ForeverAlone

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash Write what you know. For some odd reason, while working on revisions of my current WIP, Syphons, a sci-fi/new adult novel, I started thinking about the write-what-you-know motto. In my novel, I wanted to create a revamped love story between a plus-size African-American woman who awakens with rare abilities due to her …