New Sci-Fi Saturday – Before There Were Mindstalkers…, There was Just Solstice Bellatrix having a Rum & Coke.

Solstice Bellatrix gets more than a rum and coke when she decides to meet her best friend out at the Skyline Lounge to catch up. Everything isn't as it seems when she meets a mysterious stranger and a dangerous new threat. The world is a strange and scary place as it is, and Solstice is about to be thrust into a whole new side of the universe she thought she left behind.

A New Adult Sci-Fi Novel by D. A. Smith ***Syphons: There’s No Denying Their Existence***

Click Here For Your Excerpt They took my best friend as prey. But, now they’re coming for me. Only problem is… I’m one of them, too. Waking up in the luxurious penthouse suite of a tantalizing telepath is not how Solstice Bellatrix expected to end her girls' night out. After being saved by said, stranger …