You Don’t Miss Something ‘Til It’s Gone

It’s funny, the old saying that goes like this: You don’t miss something until it’s gone. The last couple of weeks, I’ve been worried about how to sustain my disabled mother and myself financial. I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders as a 24-year-old who has been working full-time for almost a decade. […]

I’m So Sick of This Broken Record of a Conversation!

This important lesson is one that has taken me a few years to learn and inculcate in my life. Don’t take to heart what other people say. In the past, someone could mention one hurtful phrase about me and it would crush me. Today, I’ve survived so many other hurtful things that it doesn’t phase […]

How’s Writing Without a Day Job?

Hiya Literary Fans, I waited a few weeks before creating this blog post because I recently lost my day job and didn’t want negativity from that aspect of the experience to effect my writing. I will admit that while I am beyond ecstatic to have this extra time to create blog posts, work on my […]

Rantings from a Spitfire of a Teen Writer – Snippet

Hiya Literary Fans, I’ve been posting infrequently recently due to WIPs and venturing out to other sites in order to create content. Currently, I’m returning to While getting reacquainted with the website, I discovered my only blog article I posted back in 2012, when I was 17 or 18. All I can say is…, […]

Why You Should Write for Fun Instead of Funds?

When I was growing up, I had the dream of making enough money from my writing career to be a self-employed adult capable of purchasing anything from a house to my own sports car. At 24, my dream lingers, I’m just more realistic, and I have a full-time gig. Well, my work sucked when I […]

Write What You Know About Romance Even While Single & #ForeverAlone

Write what you know. For some odd reason, while working on revisions of my current WIP, Syphons, a sci-fi/new adult novel, I started thinking about the write-what-you-know motto. In my novel, I wanted to create a revamped love story between a plus-size African-American woman who awakens with rare abilities due to her hybrid alien heritage, […]

3 Ways to Deal With Failure

I’m writing this post to future me. So, that I can look back at it and say, okay. I’ll try again. Giving up is easy to do. Keeping up with a project and doing it until completion, that’s difficult. Fear of failing and an unhealthy (obnoxious) dose of perfectionism keeps me from moving forward at […]

What Makes an Awesome Female Superhero?

What do you like about stories about female superheroes?  And, shocking author confession: Catwoman from the 2004 flick, and the heroine from my Super Ex-Girlfriend are some female heroes I enjoy watching on the big screen. But, this post isn’t about the movie heroes, and man, Hollywood makes sure we’re not missing out on heroes.  […]

My Top 3 Anime Shows I am Watching this Week (Dec 9th)

This is the first week of a new blog post series about my love: anime. My TV is rarely on, but when I’ve got my laptop, I’m digging deep into some anime biz. I don’t always read the manga since the bright colors and subtitles get me good. But, when I’m in-between editing books and/or […]

Writers Are You Protecting Yourself From This Scary Trend?

I checked my email the day after publishing my latest e-book on Amazon and sharing it through Twitter. I see five new messages through my official business email, I assumed they were readers of my blog.  At first, I yay’d! Then, upon closer inspection, I noticed phrases like:  “read your synopsis and… I want to […]

Writers Get The Spark Back In Your Writing By Doing These Simple Steps

You start working on your next writing assignment with a fast approaching deadline. You’ve had ample time to brainstorm, research, and put everything you have down on paper.  You revise, edit, rinse and repeat. But, as the deadline looms closer. The words stop flowing.  Writing doesn’t feel like fun anymore. It’s starting to feel a […]