Indie Authors Thoughts Before & After Self-Publishing Their 1st Novel (Infographic)

I just self-published my novel Syphons. And, I feel like I have a better grasp of what it takes to be an indie-author. I will admit that the process had me equally tired and excited to create more works.

Hopefully, this funny infographic will explain my feelings about self-publishing.

Fellow indie authors did you feel the weight of the world on top of your head when you published that first novel? I’d love to hear your comments below!!

10 Reasons Why Cats Lay On Your Keyboard While You’re Typing (Humor)

Photo by Jae Park on Unsplash

You just sat down in front of your laptop. Grabbed yourself a cup of coffee or maybe popped open your energy drink. And, then your cat appears out of thin air. As your beloved companion makes their way towards you, you realize that it’s a trap and they are blocking you from creating the next bestseller.

Why do cats lay on your keyboard while your typing?

Here are my theories:

1. You Give The Laptop More Attention Than Your Kitty

Cats may seem to be anti-social. But, they want your attention. You’re just staring at a screen with a mouse that doesn’t even have a heartbeat. Have a soul and turn your attention back to your cat.

2. Your Cat Is Bored

Because you’re always working on your bestseller. You don’t have time to take out the cat toys or treats. So, now your cat is bored as all get out and what’s better than laying on your hands while you write.

3. You Are Being Punished

I believe animals can sense the energy of an individual. If you promised to do something for your feline pal but it escaped your mind because you are at the last climatic chapter of a novel, then your laptop will become your pet’s sitting post until you understand what you’ve done.

4. You Forgot to Feed Your Cat

How dare you? This. Is. Horrible.

5. The Fan Warms Them Up

When you’re typing on a flat surface, eventually your laptop may start to heat up. Even with the fans blowing under it. So, what’s better than having a kitty heating pad made out of plastic and glass?

6. Your Kitty Noticed You Were Stressing

As I mentioned before. Cats just know. So, if you’re stressed out, stuck with a plot twist or suffering from writer’s block. Maybe your cat just wants to lighten the mood and soften your heart.

7. Your Cat Cannot Reach Their Literbox

If you keep the literbox in a separate part of the house like the garage and/or bathroom, and the door is shut, you better let your precious pet reach their spot to conduct some business of their own.

8. You Are Lonely

You purchased or adopted your cat because you needed a companion. Writing is one of the loneliest jobs in the world (if you know of any other ones let me know below). So, your cat is providing you with some TLC and company.

9. The Erratic Movement of Your Fingers Triggered Their Instincts

Your fingers are probably about the same size and shape of a mouse depending on a cat’s vision. And, that skiddy nature of rapidly typing fingers may leave your feline flicking its tail back and forth waiting to attack you at just the right moment. They just happened to land on your keyboard.

10. Because They Freaking Can

Cats are one of those animals that don’t give any cares in the world about your feelings. Even if they love you. They will still choose to lay on your keyboard, because they can, and what are you going to do anyway? You’re going to let them stay there, maybe, pet them, and then walk away to grab another cup of coffee.

Is this true for you and your cat? Let me know in the comments below.

Rantings from a Spitfire of a Teen Writer – Snippet

Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash

Hiya Literary Fans,

I’ve been posting infrequently recently due to WIPs and venturing out to other sites in order to create content. Currently, I’m returning to

While getting reacquainted with the website, I discovered my only blog article I posted back in 2012, when I was 17 or 18.

All I can say is…, dang, I was full of angst and my writing wasn’t too shabby either!

There’s a snippet of my rant below. If you’d like to read the entire article (click here):

No experience,


Sure you could try, but there’s no money in writing, sweetie

I’ve heard that from every family member, high school teacher, guidance counselor, and stranger in my life. Oh, a creative writer, hmpf.

How are you planning on feeding yourself, later? It’s funny to think that only adults can have all the fun writing their novels which includes: editing, revising, dealing with the pub. house, and… wash, rinse, and repeat.

However, I think that as a youth there’s a vibrant, untamed wilderness and burst of excitement that comes with being able to write, sell, and publish an awesome novel.

Seeing one’s name in print seems like the most exciting thing ever; whether the novel is amazingly entertaining or just a bland fan fiction version of the hottest bestseller.

Teen writing, in general, is supported by organizations such as the Young Arts Awards in NYC and Miami, as well as the Scholastic Young Artists Awards in NYC. Just send in an excerpt, cross your fingers, and wait for the letter.

I haven’t published a novel yet, that will change soon.

I have big plans.

I want to see certain things that have never been tried before in regular novels. I’m tired of British wizards, and sparkling vampires. Also tired of sadistic Emo related stories and slow paced “I ran through the woods and a monster/mist/darkness was following me” novels.

Continue Reading on SheWrites.Com.

Thanks for reading!

Wayward Things Almost All Aspiring Writers Have Tried to Get Away With

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had moments as a writer when you’ve asked yourself “why did I just do that!?” With any creative medium, some of the best mistakes can transform into a masterpiece (at least if it doesn’t turn into a total flop).

The following list will provide some insight into a writer’s mind, and what happens when they go off the rails and start using creativity in wayward (but silly) ways.

You’ve Made Your IRL Crush the Main Character’s Love Interest

“The handsome billionaire, playboy stalks towards you. His eyes a deep shade of seafoam green. He quirks his lips and smiles at you and says: ‘Hey do you know if we have more French vanilla creamer in the breakroom?’.”

***Cue bubble popping noise***

Yes, don’t even deny you’ve never done this before. An IRL (In Real Life) crush is now gracing the pages of your novel. And, he’s strutting his stuff, giving your main character all the juicy attention, she’s been craving. And, you feel dirty inside because you realize that the sultry billionaire is Bob in accounting.

And, Bob may or may not have a SO. But, you don’t care, it’s not like Bob is going to buy your book, and tell everyone in the office that you’ve created smut in his likeness. Stranger things have happened, right?

Someone You Hate in Your Current/Past Life is Now Your Antagonist

Every story needs a villain. And, your villain just so happens to be the bully from high school who teased you while you changed out for gym class, after noticing you have a *gasp*… stretch mark. Oh, yes, you’ve created an evil antagonist from that mortifying experience.

You made sure to give them tons of weapons, an ugly gash above the forehead, maybe a gravelly voice, and a limp when they walk. The villain probably shares some trademark insult that only Messy-Jessie-in-Homeroom can come up with. I don’t find that petty at all. Okay, maybe a little.

You Sent a Query Letter to an Agent without Editing the First Draft of Your Manuscript

You worked months or even years on a debut writing project. You’ve never taken on the task of writing a novel before. But, hey if someone like Marissa Meyer or E.L. James can do it. Why not you?

So, you go ahead and start drafting this incredible novel. You’ve got action, romance, a bit of real-life situational elements that make you tear up. The emotions and dialogue all feel so real as if the characters are standing over your shoulders telling you what to write. Then, you reach the last word of the last chapter and end the manuscript with a bold THE END!

Congrats. All that’s left to do is start glancing over the Writer’s Digest Literary Agents Forum in order to find Query Letter Submission instructions for ABC Literary Agency.

Big no-no.

Did you even read the first paragraph of your first draft? Of course not, because you’re imagining yourself at a dinner party telling Cassandra Claire how your latest novel came to you in a dream while sipping champagne from a crystal glass flute.

Side Advice: Don’t be that person. I don’t need to tell you what your first draft resembles. Look for yourself. Before you start querying agents. Get your hands dirty and start cleaning up that mess you call a manuscript. At least, then it wouldn’t be worthy of earning its place in the slush pile.

You’ve Imagined What You’ll Buy with a $100k Book Deal Advance

You’re already sipping champagne with literary giants in that glorious imagination of yours. Now you’re spending money you don’t have, even if you haven’t received an offer from a publisher.

(The norm varies. From what, I’ve seen with little research online: an advance could fall roughly between $5k to $20k. And, that may be possible for a weathered author with a good agent.)

Are you’re thinking about the latest Maserati Ghibli, and maybe a new edition to your house?

Oh, but wait, advances come with a catch: you have to earn that money back before you get a single penny from royalties. Now, $100k is nothing to sneeze at. But the odds are against you. Before you start planning your future pool party at the new McMansion, focus on creating great work, making sales and promoting said work.

You Thought Self-Publishing Would Be Easier, Cheaper, and Lucrative

Self-publishing can be all those things. If you’re willing to do as Rihanna puts it: “Work, work, work, work, work.”

There are several indie authors who make it rain stacks. But the money bag clouds didn’t just appear overhead one day when they decided to Publish their Amazon KDP eBook online.


They had to put in the work. Write nearly every day. Promote themselves. Do uncomfortable and at times unrewarding tasks. Save mad money. And, then put hard earn cash from other day jobs and side jobs back into their writing before they could even start making a single profit back from their work.

Don’t fool yourself no matter which route you decide on as a writer, you will be doing a lot of work if you want to make it.

So, what’s one of the craziest things you did as a writer? How did it make you a better creative? Let me know in the comments below.

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My Work Made Less Than a Dollar on Amazon, and I’m Happy (and not Starving)!

Photo by Kim Gorga on Unsplash

Please don’t laugh at my joy. Here goes nothing!

I have a day job. 

I take care of my disabled parent.

I fix myself dinner.

And, then I work on my writing from 6 to Midnight (sometimes longer).

My hard work paid off.

I checked Amazon the day after I published my first official fiction e-book which was on sale for 99-cents on Amazon (free this week only). I had a strong feeling that there wouldn’t be much happening in the Amazon KDP reports section.

What I saw shocked me. 

Someone bought my book.

They weren’t reading it for free.

They didn’t subscribe for an email newsletter with a free e-book attached.

They. Bought. A. Book!


Okay, so, it was 35-cents for a royalty.

But, OMG, I sold a book.

I didn’t know who to tell. So, I kept it a secret. 

I was proud. So, proud. 

But, I knew haters would hate. And, folks who didn’t believe in me wouldn’t care about the sale. 

But, I cared, because even though I’m not starving, in fact, I’m pleasantly plump.

I sold a book. 

So, this post really goes out to the person who did little marketing, a tiny bit of social media work, and a lot of finger crossing. Now, what if I had actually tried…, which I am trying now!!

Now, I’m learning how to market my work better. 

I created a guest post. 

I signed up for more social media sites to share my cute images (thanks, 

And, I did something that freaked me out…, I asked for supporters. And, would you believe, I got support. 

I learned many things, during my first month since publishing an e-book. I plan to share more posts about future books.

I want to make things transparent for new writers and authors.

For instance, as of this writing, I have about 14 individuals with copies of my e-books. It’s only been a month. My goal by December 9th, 2018 is to have 20 e-books distributed.

And, like I mentioned before I didn’t market aggressively, and everything I’ve done so far was for free, and I am nearing that goal. Though, I may need to consider raising the goal next time.

However, I’m going to keep pressing onward. How about you?

How are you promoting your work and how is your trip towards being a successful self-publishing/indie/authorprenuer writer in the game is going? 

Modern Dating Is For The Birds Read a Romance Novel & Do This Instead!

I love sci-fi and urban fantasy novels with romantic elements. For me a little bit of romance goes a long way, it doesn’t even have to be the central theme of the story. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, when I thought dating in the real world (I was 14 at the time) wasn’t as legit as sparkling vampires. My eyes became open, and here I am ten years later finally happy to just be single.

Here’s what I found out along the way and I know you’ve probably experienced the same thing. Otherwise, why read this post?

There’s a reason why you’re single. I bet you believed it was somehow your fault, like I did. I thought if I lost weight, changed my style of clothing, and maybe tone down my laughter. I’d find love. I thought I needed to fix myself in order to be lovable.

How silly of me.

But, there is something wrong with the new dating norm. And, we’re not the only ones suffering through this modern dating crises.

In the era of dating apps and smartphones, you’d think communicating with a potential SO would be easier.

Ha, ha, how naive.

Let’s take a look at the following things that makes dating feel like a long walk on a bed of coals.

Swipe Left On Answering Text Messages:

You meet a great guy. He asks for your digits. You may text him your name so that he can plug your contact info into the phone. And then you text him a goodnight with a smiley face.

If anything in that statement above sounds like coming on too strong, please let me know below, so that I can ease up on all the pressure I throw at men.

Back in the day, you called a crush. Today, if you text them too often, too little, too long, too brief, or any other toos, you’ll end up too lonely, and too single.

Here’s a tip for the person who keeps people on read status, instead of causing a potential date to have a meltdown by not reading their text and having the courtesy to text back. Try texting a simple: don’t contact me ever again. So, that they can move onto the next one.

Off Again, On Again, (or Off Again…)

Now, let’s say a great guy is kind enough to return your texts or at least read them and reply to you in about a day or two. Then, you start going out. But, he decides you’re not his type, so he leaves. And, a month later out of the blue, guess who’s come running back? Then he leaves again. The cycle continues and it leaves you hoping for more interactions with this individual.

Why? Why is this a thing? Why are human beings allowed to run into your life and then leave out of the blue? I suppose free will comes into play.

Just be honest. Let me down easily, or abruptly. And, then let me stay down. I can dust myself off and walk away just fine without you running up on me to trip me again.


I didn’t know I was ghosted until a month after it happened to me and an article online told me this was a thing.

Wow, so, that guy who I texted and we admitted our feelings for one another after a couple dates was an undercover phantom? (I’m talking to you Danny Fenton!)

Hmm, guess I need to do better next time when it comes to picking a man. No one likes a flake who can walk through walls, and who can’t even commit to flying into their afterlife.

If this happens to you, just leave him where you found him; in the graveyard on a dark and scary night.

So, these things irk me and have been happening to more women (and men) than just myself.

If people can learn to be loving and conscientious, maybe dating would be more bearable.

Dating is bad enough without all the bells and whistles involved with being a jerk. Do you have any other dating tips below?

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