How I Wrote, Published, and Promoted an eBook in 7 Days

The blinking cursor mocked me as I stared at my daunting 50k sci-fi novel which needed to be revised, edited, professionally edited, and then possibly revised again.  I felt overwhelmed. I didn’t want to rush through the revision process and produce a half-hazard work of fiction. This novel was my baby, I needed to work […]

Hey Fat Girl – A Poem

Hey Fat Girl! How many times are you going to call me fat?  Hey Fat Girl! Didn’t you hear me! Don’t call me fat, I do not care for you calling me that! Hey Fat Girl! When was the last time you called me fat? Was it after you stole my savings bond and gave […]

What Makes an Awesome Female Superhero?

What do you like about stories about female superheroes?  And, shocking author confession: Catwoman from the 2004 flick, and the heroine from my Super Ex-Girlfriend are some female heroes I enjoy watching on the big screen. But, this post isn’t about the movie heroes, and man, Hollywood makes sure we’re not missing out on heroes.  […]

For Beginners: Write That Sci-Fi As Easy As Pie (Part 1)

So, you want to write science-fiction? Well, good for you. But, seriously, do you want to write in a genre that is saturated with novels, and that has been around since the beginning of storytelling? (i.e. Ancient Greek Myths). I mean, why even write genre fiction. Wouldn’t it be more admirable to write a memoir […]

My Top 3 Anime Shows I am Watching this Week (Dec 9th)

This is the first week of a new blog post series about my love: anime. My TV is rarely on, but when I’ve got my laptop, I’m digging deep into some anime biz. I don’t always read the manga since the bright colors and subtitles get me good. But, when I’m in-between editing books and/or […]

Writers Are You Protecting Yourself From This Scary Trend?

I checked my email the day after publishing my latest e-book on Amazon and sharing it through Twitter. I see five new messages through my official business email, I assumed they were readers of my blog.  At first, I yay’d! Then, upon closer inspection, I noticed phrases like:  “read your synopsis and… I want to […]

***New Adult/Science-Fiction – Working Title: Syphons****

Genre: New Adult/Sci-Fi Release Date: TBD *** Click Here to Sign Up for Updates *** Synopsis: Solstice Bellatrix, an ordinary, curvaceous, twenty-something was already killed once. She’s not cool with almost being killed again.  A chance encounter at a nightclub with a violent being covered in multiple appendages leads her into the home of a handsome stranger.  […]