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Welcome to D. A. Smith Writes where you can read topics about:

Diversity in Fiction. Science Fiction & Urban Fantasy Story Updates. Random Ramblings About Literature & Writing. Writer’s Life Updates. Giveaways & Freebies. And, More!

Who Is D. A. Smith?

D. A. Smith or “Dee” is an ambitious twenty-something who loves to read chick lit, urban fantasy, science-fiction, and anything with diverse characters, tons of action, and of course romance.

She is a full-time writer that spends her time crafting stories inspired by authors such as, Gini Koch, Patricia Briggs, Keri Author, L. A. Banks, and Octavia Butler, just to name a few.

She focuses on creating blog posts that relate with the average reader and the aspiring writer. And, while she’s learning how to be an authorpreneur, she gladly shares her tips, tricks, and fails here.

When she’s not reading or writing, she’s hanging around social media, or grabbing tacos to eat on a sunny, Florida day at the beach.

What Does D. A. Smith Write?

Science-Fiction – Debut Novel in the Works

Urban Fantasy Free Short Story Here!

Sweet/Tame Romances

When Does D. A. Smith Post?

She’s trying to be better at scheduling posts instead of randomly throwing stuff online. Though 2 posts a week minimum is the current goal. And, stick around because giveaways and freebies will pop-up at random!

Still Reading? Here’s A Taste of D. A. Smith’s Blogging Style:

Tips for Aspiring Writers: 

Quit quitting. It gets old, quick. I’ve put my writing on hiatus in the past. My longest hiatus was a year. Usually, fear, doubt, and lack of sleep keep me from doing the work.

Anyway, just keep going. Create all the literary scat you can (just edit it afterward).

Because, art is meant to be shared, not hoarded.

Don’t be a literary equivalent of a dung beetle!


Any advice for friends/family/pets of a writer? 

Don’t judge your writer too harshly. Yes, they are introverted. They aren’t avoiding you, or your social events. They just have work to do. And, they want you to love them, just as much as they care about you.

Because, what writers have a lot to deal with such as critics, low energy, and probably lonely bouts of writing sessions.


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Again, thanks for checking out D. A. Smith Writes.



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