I Never Thought Throwing A Drink On A Guy Would End In Me Ripping His Brain Out… Syphons: A Novel

Solstice has already died once. She’s not afraid to face death head-on, once again.

When girls’ night ends in a melee with a would-be parasitic killer, Solstice goes into action doing the right thing.

After awakening under the protective care of a deceptively intriguing man with the ability to “taste” her every thought. She discovers that the monsters that terrorized her nightmares as a kid are real.

Solstice’s best friend is taken hostage by a ravenous colony of brain-devouring parasites known as Mindstalkers. Fortunately for Solstice, she gets help from a tantalizing ally and a team of agents.

Alexander “AJ” Ward has devoured a brain or two in his past. However, the reformed brain-eater knows his overwhelming cravings for Solstice are more than just skin deep. He’s holding back secrets to protect her. But, their newly established Entangled Bond is making it difficult to keep her safe from his deranged ex-girlfriend and an onslaught of attacks from voracious predators and new enemies.

Solstice and AJ must survive their battles for their fellow agents, their humanity, and ultimately love.

Solstice wants someone who can help her erase the past, while AJ needs someone willing to trust him despite his tumultuous past and accept him as is.

Will Solstice & AJ succeed in keeping their relationship intact while protecting their friends from ravenous predators?

Or will they lose everything, including each other (and their humanity), in the process?

Start Reading Syphons The Prequel & The Novel at Wattpad Now!

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