New Short Story Alert – The Prequel to Syphons: A Novel

My official debut novel, Syphons.


The prequel to Syphons is here, honey. And, no worries, it’s free…, (for now)!

If you didn’t know. I self-published my first novel, Syphons almost two years ago.

My sci-fi follows the life of a curvy, not so confident, twenty-something whose past comes back to haunt her in the form of an alien threat that plans on destroying everything she cares about.

If you’re one of my many readers that already grabbed their copy of Syphons, then you’re going to absolutely love this new edition to the Mindstalkers’ family of stories. And, if you have no clue what a Syphon is, then find out by checking out The Prequel and whet your appetite.

I will be posting the Prequel in three separate posts in the next couple of days. Here’s the first installment so far.

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As always, I appreciate you reading. Stay healthy, happy, and have a great start to 2021!

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