What an obnoxious year we had.

I am about to be more honest than individuals running for the White Office.

I haven’t written a single thing since Covid-19. Unlike most Americans, I worked in an office face-to-face surrounded by co-workers who did not believe it was a big deal. So, I just remained quiet and kept working despite the circumstances.

Instead I channeled all my energy in writing. I delve deep into personal trauma. Every year I plan to move out of Florida. But, every year something comes up. It’s almost as if this state is a vortex and my body is trapped here with metal shackles.

Anyway, for the last month I ‘ve been looking for work elsewhere and trying to keep my mental health in check.

As a single female, I have tons of distractions: Such as anime, reading, and studying for IT classes which I have yet to pass.

I don’t see the virus coming to an end anytime soon. I think it’s going to continue to spread and wreak havoc until the end of 2021.

This introvert is okay with working from home for now. I plan to get back into writing and books too. I think that’s the only thing that his kept me sane during the pandemic.

Well, enough about me, I hope you and your families are healthy. I want you to know you are cared about tremendously and do not let the crazies of this world ruin your joy.


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