Speaking What’s On My Mind – Enter 2021

I did not share my Covid-19 story with the masses on my blog last year. For one thing, I expected that the media did more than enough. I only come forward to share my truth as a form of therapy.

For over a year and a half, I was in an abusive relationship. I kept it to myself and wore a fake face. As long as I was abused, but brought home a paycheck. It didn’t matter.

So, I decided to share it with my favorite leaders.

Don’t worry though it wasn’t a man (or woman) abusing me in the safety of my home. But, I did have moments when my abusive father came to the forefront of my memories. And I remembered his evil tactics; gaslighting, verbal threats, unsafe masculine behavior. I had more of that behavior last year. And, so my writing, my blogging became neglected.

There were moments when I considered running away never to be heard from again. But, family obligations and the Pandemic thwarted my escape.

As someone who loves recent, it took me around late December to start writing again. I am not sure where to publish my new novels, about six of them a series. But, it felt good letting go of the past by writing.

How do you deal with negativity in life to continue your writing career? 

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