What Are My Main Characters’ Favorite Foods?

Picnic Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Main characters gotta eat, just like you and me. So, I thought it would be awesome to share some of my main characters’ favorite meals even if they’re not mentioned in the novel, they would be definitely something my characters would love to partake in.

Solstice Bellatrix (Lead Character)

Pad Thai or (Anything that can be microwaved.) Solstice had to grow up fast and fend for herself and that meant making a lot of TV Dinners.

When she became an adult and discovered that there’s something that tastes even better than boxed mac & cheese. She fell in love with Pad Thai. And, the best thing is she can eat it at lunch and then take home the leftovers for dinner.

Alexander Ward

He’s a telepath who enjoys the finer things in life. And, he has a thing for cooking. But, he has a secret sweet tooth side even though he tries to be sophisticated with his choice of food.

AJ’s favorite thing to indulge in is a molten lava chocolate cake and he enjoys pairing said cake with a cup of espresso.

Bailey Mateo

He’s a big guy who knows how to clean his plate. He doesn’t have time for finger sandwiches. He prefers a big juicy burger or his all-time favorite a true Italian Meatball sub and not the franchised stuff.

Dalton Crest

When he isn’t devouring human brains. He’d prefer to drink his meals with a green shake with a healthy helping of protein.

Carmen Rodriguez

Before her relationship with Solstice became muddled. The girls would go out for sushi. And, Carmen loves sashimi of various varieties.

Geniva Marx

This villain of a Queen is going to go straight for the kill and enjoys grilled orange-glazed salmon with a side salad. But, for dessert, she might help herself to one of the brains of her minions.

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