Why Write A Novel About Parasites?

Dive into the world of Syphons here!

Parasites fascinated all my life.

I didn’t realize I was fascinated by them.

In all honesty, I feared parasites.

They lived in raw meat, dirty water, in kitty litter, and/or just plain dirt.

They could infect a human and cause them to be violently ill. Or even lead them to their own death.

Why would I be fascinated by such a creature and write a novel about them?

Because I lived my life surrounded by parasites. Human parasites. The worst kind of parasites.

They are smart enough to know what they are doing.

They only care about taking advantage of you.

And, when you try to get rid of them, they find a way to come back.

So, what better than to create a human-sized parasite and throw all of my angst into a novel about said parasites.

In my novel, Syphons, a young woman discovers that she is the daughter of a parasitic entity known as Mindstalkers. Not only is she a hybrid combination of Mindstalker-human. But, the man who not only saved her life and has fallen for her is a full-blooded Mindstalker.

The only difference, he’s learned to control his impulses.

He could prey on her. Use her. And, force her to do his bidding like other Mindstalkers.

Instead, he chooses not to use her. He waits for her to give herself to him.

Their relationship becomes symbiotic as the novel wraps up. And, while my leading lady must go through some icky moments with her boo-thang by her side. She eventually grows to love, accept, and embrace what he is by doing the same to herself.

Free chapter preview of Syphons here.

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