Nobody READS Anymore

Man stepping on debris Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

Every time I hear the phrase in the title of this post. My blood boils. Usually, a well-meaning family member reminds me of the fact that “Nobody Reads Anymore”.

Those kinds of statements, even if a smidge true, are so obtuse that I hate myself for believing it.

I don’t know why my love of writing needs to be something considered stupid and a waste of time.

When I give of my time for tasks that I loathe, like being yelled at over the phone by irate customers, it’s considered a noble act.

But, when I carve out an hour out of my lonely existence to write something that matters to me, it’s looked down upon.

I’ve been writing almost every day in some form for over ten years.

I self-published my first sci-fi novel last year as a passion project.

I am annoyed when my goal of writing and self-publishing my novel is overshadowed by someone else’s snide remarks.

How much money did your novel make? 

That’s none of your business.

Why would a black person write a sci-fi novel? 

I don’t know ask a black sci-fi novelist why they wrote their novel. 

Why did you come home with new books when you are supposed to sell books at the book fair? 


Yes, I get it. We live in an era where technology and screen-time dominates reading.

But, there have been plenty of ways books and e-books played a part in entertaining someone.

Instead of looking down at me for writing a book. Why don’t you be happy that I gave you something to talk about and think about?

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