Treat Yourself With Urban Fantasy & Sci-Fi Freebies All Month Long!

Did you ever sign-up for a email newsletter just to get a free book, and then weeks and months go by and you never actually read it?

If you’re that person, then please stop reading.

I’m really looking for someone who absolutely love books and would appreciate getting a free chapter preview of my latest Novel, Syphons.

(If you’re really not into romance, sci-fi or freebies, then I’m sorry I wasted your time!)

However, if you’re the kind of person who loves diverse characters, strong female leads who aren’t afraid to fight for what they want, even if it means losing everything. Then, you’re definitely going to love this novel.

Still not sure if you’re going to like Syphons? Find out what others think about this novel.

Check Out This 5-Star review from Amazon:

Now are you ready to enter the world of the Mindstalkers?

If so, just click here.

Bonus: Don’t forget with every preview of Syphons you get a free short urban fantasy story.

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