A New Adult Sci-Fi Novel by D. A. Smith ***Syphons: There’s No Denying Their Existence***

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They took my best friend as prey.

But, now they’re coming for me.

Only problem is… I’m one of them, too.

Waking up in the luxurious penthouse suite of a tantalizing telepath is not how Solstice Bellatrix expected to end her girls’ night out. After being saved by said, stranger Solstice soon discovers that the “monsters” in her nightmares are very real. When she discovers her best friend was taken hostage by a colony of ravenous brain-devouring parasites known as Mindstalkers, who better to ask for help than one of their kind?

Alexander “AJ” Ward has devoured a brain or two, but this “reformed” brain-devourer knows his overwhelming cravings for Solstice is more than just skin deep. After letting her into his mind, AJ is Entangled and bound to keep his Queen safe from the onslaught of attacks from voracious predators and old enemies.

Thankfully, he’s got connections in the form of powerful Guardians and a team of alien hunters that’d put the Men In Black to shame, not to mention some gifts of his own.

Solstice and AJ must survive their battles within while figuring out how to protect the ones they care for.

If Solstice can keep him grounded and AJ willing to trust her, then they might just have a chance against their most powerful threat yet.

Will Solstice & AJ succeed in saving her best friend?

Or will they lose everything, including each other (and their sanity), in the process?

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