Being The Daughter of a Villain Is Tough – Just Ask Chaos Martin!

Hiya Literary Fans, a new project is hot off the e-press.

Check out weekly episodes of this new gem for free:

If you’re tired of stories about up-and-coming heroes and their struggles to balance their personal life with their super life, then you’ll love the change of pace in this new serialized novel I’ve been working on.


New serialized novel.


Everyone doubts a villain’s daughter like, Chaos Martin would ever be a hero. And, she agrees, totally. However, when her father’s rap sheet of crimes against humanity finally catches up with him, not even daddy’s money can keep her lights on.

She has only one place to turn to in her time of need and that’s the Society of Safety (also known as the hero unemployment services). Being ranked lower than a sidekick sucks, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Will Chaos survive the chaotic turn her life has taken without being a menace to society? Keep reading each episode to find out.


I paced like a mad woman. Clutching my phone in one hand. And, holding my electric bill in the other. The word Past Due was printed in big fat red letters, redder than my cheeks.

“I can get the money. It’s just my accounts are frozen and…,”

“We gave you an extension back on the first. You already depleted your deposit. We gave you many chances, ma’am. And, there is nothing further we can do.”

“This is outrageous, and you wonder why people rob banks!”

The woman on the other end didn’t respond.

“I know you heard me.”

I glanced down at my phone and my frustration deepened when I saw the phone go dead. I growled. Of course it’s dead. It died last night, back when I plugged it into the wall. When my lights were on. In this god awful city.

I chucked the phone out the open French doors of my chic loft. It went over the side of the balcony.

“The hell?” Someone grumbled outside of the window.

I sprinted towards the veranda recognizing the voice. A sleepy eyed man, wearing a black mask that covered just his eyes, and the hood of his Adidas sweatshirt over his messy hair. He hovered on the other side of the railing, clearly caught in the act of eavesdropping. One knee was slightly bent as he suspended on nothing. His rubbed the top of his head with one hand, while the other held onto a smartphone in a bejeweled periwinkle case. Dangling from his arms, a plastic bag with a greasy paper bag stuffed inside of it filled with greasy nom-noms.

To be continued…


These Episodic Stories Will Be Released On A Weekly Basis More Info Coming Soon!

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