Updates! Hey There D. A. Smith, Where Are You?

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Where have I been?

Funny you should ask. Well, I’ve been suffering from “fiction writer’s block” and have been procrastinating and stalling creating new work. So, I decided to switch things up and hang out on Medium.com, working on stories themed on humorous or stressful moments in my life.

Here’s a tidbit:

I also managed to survive at the day job 90 days. And, I’m starting to make plans to attend more local literary events. I’ll try to give more updates in the future. But, for now you can always check out my Medium stories in the meantime.

One final thing, back in 2016, I had this blog called “The Life Major” and I found all of my old blog posts and stories that focused on majoring in life when attending college is out of the picture.

Follow me here or on my socials and stay on the look out for future blog posts featuring my time spent taking a permanent gap year from higher education and what I’ve learned about life in the last 6 years since graduating from high school.

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