An Open Letter Of Condolence To Japan & Kyoto Animation <3

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

As a self-proclaimed Anime Enthusiast and a viewer of the anime K-On, I would be remiss as to not include my condolences in a genuine letter to the Kyoto Animation Studio where young animators between the ages of 20-34 lost their life in a violent arson attack. This letter is my way of sharing my feelings about the event and how important it is to live life creating and to the full! I hope I don’t offend anyone.

Dear Kyoto Animation,

I have no other words to say but I am sorry. I apologize for the lost of 34 brilliant individuals just starting out in their dream careers as animators, writers, and creators.

As a fellow creator, one of the reasons why I wanted to be a writer is to leave something behind for my family in case I lose my own life.

I am sending sincere love and warm hugs to each and every parent and the family member that belonged to those group of young creators.

They are loved.

They are looked up to.

And, they are appreciated for their hard work.

I’m an American and I do not know much about the Japanese culture. And I mean no disrespect if my letter comes off as disingenuous or rude. But, no one deserves to suffer by any means. And, all artists around the world extends extreme love to Japan and Kyoto Animation during this sad event in history.

I hope to see your company and surviving team members grow and thrive considering these sad times.

We Love You Japan & Kyoto Animation!


D. A. Smith Write

An Anime Enthusiast

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