D. A. Smith Writes Update: Starting A New Job is… Tiresome!


I knew this was going to happen.

Last month, I started a new insurance desk job. My last insurance job dumped me two months before I released my first sci-fi novel. The extra time being laid-off gave me opportunities to write more and market. However, after three whole months with no leads on a new desk job (and one insurance agency giving me the runaround for 6 weeks), I had no choice but to drain my savings and funds I put aside for marketing my novel just to cover my rent and to buy medication for my disabled mom. UGH!


I’m thankful my new job pays me way more money, and theoretically the workload should be less than my old job, since it is a smaller insurance agency. But, let me tell you worrying about rent while getting a hang of a new position… S. U. C. K. S!

All I can say is: Thank you God, and I hate Adulting!!


Things are starting to click for me at work. I feel a lot more comfortable with my colleagues, and while it’s not a dream job it’s a practical step that allows me to dream bigger and keep writing again.


Since, I’m not rushing home to face-plant in bed, after a long day behind the dual monitors. I’m using my time away from work to follow-up with blogging, my next novel, and growing my audience.

In the past, I’ve made the goal of posting at least twice a week. And, I hope to make that a reality.

Thank you to all of my followers and readers who checked out my blog and kept my view counts so high while I was MIA. You all are amazing!

Thanks for reading!

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2 Replies to “D. A. Smith Writes Update: Starting A New Job is… Tiresome!”

    1. When they start hiring again, I’ll let you know! XD. Since I wrote this article the workload has gotten wayyyyy better. They hired a second person. Now, I can focus on writing instead of face-planting every day! Lol.


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