New Release: Syphons, A Debut Science Fiction Novel

Hiya Literary Fans,

It’s here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ten years ago, in my 9th grade high school biology class the idea for my main character, Solstice Bellatrix, popped in my head and I started to flesh out the plot for my novel Syphons.

Around that time in my life, I started reading the Touched by an Alien Series by Gini Koch and I fell in love with the main character Kitty “Katt” Martini’s witty banter and of course the slew of aliens she met, fought, and fell in love with. Only problem was the main character was incredibly skinny with a great rack (it’s in the novel), and Anglo which I feel is kind of the norm for most popular sci-fi novels I’ve read.

I kind of felt bummed that there wasn’t a female sci-fi character that reminded me of myself; strong, plus-sized, black, etc…

As far as I can remember the only African-American (AA) main characters I’ve read about in science fiction novels were usually one off characters or secondary characters. My first time seeing an AA character in sci-fi (eva!) was actually Will Smith as Agent J in Men In Black (Can’t Wait for MIB International, BTW).

I really created Syphons because of this selfish desire to be represented in the realm of sci-fi. Because I love the genre so much!! I love seeing body positivity and diversity in the realm of sci-fi. And, I’m glad to see other indie and traditional authors creating either curvy, multicultural and/or complex female characters.

Seeing diversity in science fiction not only grips my attention but makes me want to give the authors who are killing it my money!!

Anyway, Syphons is a work that comes from my heart and took a lot of blood, sweat, (tons of) tears and patient beta readers (thanks, gals) to make this novel possible!

Even if you’re not a fan of sci-fi or really aren’t into the drama of 20-somethings fighting parasitic brain-eating monsters with the help of a telepathic hottie and his team of top secret agents, you may find a piece of yourself in my writing and novel and it may motivate you to test out the genre to look for other fantastic reads.

If you are interested in my novel, feel free to indulge in this yummy blurb:

Curvy, Fierce and A Total Riot! Solstice Bellatrix has already died once, and she is not about to let history repeat itself.

When Solstice awakens in a luxurious penthouse, after a near-death experience at the Skyline Lounge, she meets the handsome owner, Alexander “AJ” Ward. Alexander is a telepathic entity with many secrets, including one involving her.

Solstice learns that her best friend is kidnapped by dangerous parasitic monsters know as Mindstalkers. Thankfully, Solstice has AJ and his friends; a team of Edge agents and fellow Guardians of The Collective Mind to help save her friend.

Together they will take on a corrupt Queen and her colony of parasitic drones.

Will Solstice find her friend in time? Or will she lose everything, including her mind and the guy she’s fallen for?

Ready To Leap Into The Action?

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