10 Reasons Why Cats Lay On Your Keyboard While You’re Typing (Humor)

Photo by Jae Park on Unsplash

You just sat down in front of your laptop. Grabbed yourself a cup of coffee or maybe popped open your energy drink. And, then your cat appears out of thin air. As your beloved companion makes their way towards you, you realize that it’s a trap and they are blocking you from creating the next bestseller.

Why do cats lay on your keyboard while your typing?

Here are my theories:

1. You Give The Laptop More Attention Than Your Kitty

Cats may seem to be anti-social. But, they want your attention. You’re just staring at a screen with a mouse that doesn’t even have a heartbeat. Have a soul and turn your attention back to your cat.

2. Your Cat Is Bored

Because you’re always working on your bestseller. You don’t have time to take out the cat toys or treats. So, now your cat is bored as all get out and what’s better than laying on your hands while you write.

3. You Are Being Punished

I believe animals can sense the energy of an individual. If you promised to do something for your feline pal but it escaped your mind because you are at the last climatic chapter of a novel, then your laptop will become your pet’s sitting post until you understand what you’ve done.

4. You Forgot to Feed Your Cat

How dare you? This. Is. Horrible.

5. The Fan Warms Them Up

When you’re typing on a flat surface, eventually your laptop may start to heat up. Even with the fans blowing under it. So, what’s better than having a kitty heating pad made out of plastic and glass?

6. Your Kitty Noticed You Were Stressing

As I mentioned before. Cats just know. So, if you’re stressed out, stuck with a plot twist or suffering from writer’s block. Maybe your cat just wants to lighten the mood and soften your heart.

7. Your Cat Cannot Reach Their Literbox

If you keep the literbox in a separate part of the house like the garage and/or bathroom, and the door is shut, you better let your precious pet reach their spot to conduct some business of their own.

8. You Are Lonely

You purchased or adopted your cat because you needed a companion. Writing is one of the loneliest jobs in the world (if you know of any other ones let me know below). So, your cat is providing you with some TLC and company.

9. The Erratic Movement of Your Fingers Triggered Their Instincts

Your fingers are probably about the same size and shape of a mouse depending on a cat’s vision. And, that skiddy nature of rapidly typing fingers may leave your feline flicking its tail back and forth waiting to attack you at just the right moment. They just happened to land on your keyboard.

10. Because They Freaking Can

Cats are one of those animals that don’t give any cares in the world about your feelings. Even if they love you. They will still choose to lay on your keyboard, because they can, and what are you going to do anyway? You’re going to let them stay there, maybe, pet them, and then walk away to grab another cup of coffee.

Is this true for you and your cat? Let me know in the comments below.

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