You Don’t Miss Something ‘Til It’s Gone

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

It’s funny, the old saying that goes like this: You don’t miss something until it’s gone.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been worried about how to sustain my disabled mother and myself financial. I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders as a 24-year-old who has been working full-time for almost a decade. And, I do miss the relative security of disposable income.

Any experienced writer can agree that financial stability is always in the forefront of most artistic ventures and dreams. And as an aspiring indie author, I know how easy it is to be sucked into the hype that you need to write a lot of books, make a lot of money, and quit your job to travel the world.

Nothing wrong with those dreams. Just got to remember reality hits and life happens. When I was younger, my only reason for wanting to be an author was to make tons of money and travel the world. Now, I just want to try something new: like writing a book people would want to read (even if it’s free).

Life is short, money comes and goes, but books can take you anywhere. When my family struggled in the past due to my abusive father, I had novels and short stories to escape to. My love of books led to me receiving a scholarship to one of my dream schools (though family responsibilities prevented me from going).

This last month and a half without a day job, I learned a lot about myself. I’m resilient. And my novel isn’t that bad, especially when you have enough time to re-read it almost 100+ times a week, (ugh editing). There’s no such thing as quitting your job to travel the world, if you’re a writer. You will be working harder in general as a writer. Generating ideas. Meeting deadlines. And, more.

My biggest fear has come and past: writing without a day job. My cushion is getting flat, but I have an interviewed lined up. I’m keeping hope intact and letting go of the past sting of being booted by my old job.

Anyway, this post was more like a peak into my world outside of writing fiction. I will say that the time I spent writing and promoting my work has been a joyful learning experience.

This #IndieApril don’t forget to thank your favorite indie authors for the hard work they do with minimal resources and tons of ideas.

Thanks for reading!

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