Confession #1 – Avoiding Social Time for Writing Time

A few months ago, I started posting mini-confessions through my Instagram and Twitter accounts and have decided to explain the madness behind the post. I have roughly 20+ confessions and more to come. So, be prepared, here goes nothing.

My confession above comes from the fact that in my youth and early adult years I had little to no social life. And, most of it was due to the fact that I spent most of my teen years working at an insurance company, taking care of my disabled mother, partially raising my younger brother, and attending an early college program, all at the same time.

I barely had enough time to study or do homework once I came home from my day job. I was emotionally drained and suffering from depression as a young adult. My only avenue of freedom came from writing.

I usually stopped doing homework around midnight, if I did it at all, and start writing stories. The creatures I created consisted of shapeshifters, and gorgeous women that looked like me and had characteristics I wished I had within myself; confident, outspoken, and extroverted.

The characters in my story didn’t have to worry about making a living. They found boyfriends just by stepping out of their house and into a night club. All they needed to do in order to be happy was to fight a crime, defeat a villian, or use a superpower.

My characters became my friends. They protected me from the pressures of failing a chemistry class. They kept me sane when I contemplated ending my life after a very bad and stressful day at work. They gave me love when my crush(s) rejected me as if I carried the plague.

I felt free and alive. Creating writing that stimulated my mind the way an insurance job never could. I had so much to look forward to when I came home, turned on my laptop, and got to work. The hours seemed to whizz by and next thing I know it is morning and it is time for me to return to the real world.

My novel idea for Syphons sprouted thanks to those long nights. And, while it has taken me well over 4 years to get the confidence to self-publish my novel, I am glad I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and brought my fantasy world to light.

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