Yes I Want These!

You’ve worked hard.

It’s nearly the weekend.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to spend time catching up on some good reads and possibly #freebies?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while (thank you!) or just hopped on the bandwagon, you would’ve noticed that I’ve been busy creating art worthy of sharing with you.

I’m eager to invite you to sign up for my mailing list so that you can start receiving exclusive updates about everything going down in the next few months:

When you join my email list, your initial email from me will include:

  • An exclusive first chapter preview of my WIP, Syphons, A Novel.
  • Automatic entries to giveaways like the “Syphons & Starbucks Giveaway” (currently closed).
  • A Copy of my latest e-book – Stolen by the Ash, A Fox Shifter’s Short Story.
  • And, plenty of other goodies.

My first freebie mentioned above is from my soon-to-be-self-published book, Syphons, A Novel.

If you enjoy the works of Gini Koch or The Host by Stephanie Meyers, you’ll enjoy Syphons. It’s a work of science fiction, with diverse characters, and a multicultural romance.

My beta readers have shared with me that the book is “intense” and they find it “hard to put down.”

What more could you ask for?

Syphons, A Novel will be launched on Friday, May 3rd, 2019 (and, for you sci-fi geeks out there, it’s right on time for “May The Fourth Be With You”). The Pre-Orders will begin the first week of February. Might be a great gift idea for your sweetheart. ;D

Read the full synopsis of Syphons, A Novel, here.

The next freebie is my latest release, Stolen by the Ash, A Fox Shifter’s Short Story, which currently has 5-Stars on Amazon. This 27-page e-book is a “fun and fast read”.

I’ve included a brief synopsis here: The story follows Zoe, a fox shifter who’s taken hostage by the ravenous Ash Wolf Pack. She’s their prey for the full moon hunt. When Zoe is released to the wolves, she must travel dangerous terrain in fox form and return to civilization or risk having her life ended by the pack.

However, Zoe isn’t alone for long in the woods. She runs into the alpha’s estranged son, and whether he’s friend or foe, it’s up to you to find out by reading the story for yourself.

Are you ready to grab these exciting gifts with the potential for more, like Tina P.?

Then sign up here!

And, remember to support your fellow indie (and traditionally published) authors by sharing, liking, and following them on all social media platforms!

Thanks for reading.

I'm a sci-fi and fantasy author who also enjoys reading those genres. Some of my favorite authors include Keri Arthur, Gini Koch, and Patricia Briggs. When I'm not writing, I'm either lounging on a beach in sunny Florida with a good book, watching anime, or writing a new work in progress. * Syphons - A Sci-Fi Novel - Available: May 3rd, 2019 * Stolen by the Ash - An Urban Fantasy - Available: Now

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