Book Review Alert: Blessings of the Firebird’s Light

This review is being provided through D. A. Smith Writes inleu of an Amazon Review, because apparently, I haven’t reached some community guideline which doesn’t allow me to read books and then review them unless I spend $$ on their website.

Well, I haven’t purchased books through Amazon in a very long time. Maybe, that’s because I support Brick and Mortar Stores, sometimes, and I LOVE the smell of new paperback books! Have you ever tried to sniff an ebook!? Try it! I digress….

I’ve recently read the Blessings of the Firebird’s Light: The Firebird’s Blessings Saga: Book 1 by Rose S. King. And, I must say this novel not only includes a mixture of fantasy with themes about Christianity but a mystic adventure that dazzles and leaves you tapping the pages of your Kindle Reader until the moon goes down and the sun comes right up.

Brief Synopsis:

The story begins in the world of Kimmeria, where Audry Duvessa the last surviving member of her astute family of witches lives in a world created on the side of darkness. This character is a named “Dark Beauty”, not only due to her mystical gifts but because of her mother’s involvement with the realms of both dark and light.  

Audry goes on a journey early in the novel in search of powerful relics left through various clues and traps, which she must solve and escape from. She’s not alone because two mystical shapeshifting pets/wands join her named Thorn and Petal, (and one dangerous hunter). Her goal is to use the discovered relics to eventually lead her to the powerful Firebird.

When Audry crosses paths with a dangerous hunter of the light during her travel through the realms, instead of feeling fear towards Roei, she develops a strong bond with him. Roei may hunt dark creatures such as Audry and her (once living) family members, but his kind heart and gentle nature lead him to develop affection for Audrey.

Their forbidden love leads to a bigger dilemma. Beings of Darkness & Light cannot come together. But, despite a mission filled with dangerous bloodsucking plants and venomous creatures, Audry and later Roei work together to find more than just the Firebird, but a true surprise at the end once Audry discovers a special Gift within herself.

D. A. Smith Writes a Review:

Some of the aspects of the novel I enjoyed included the world building. Each realm had personality, an intriguing take on flora and fauna. And, even some moments when what-you-see isn’t what you get. The romance between Roei and Audry warmed my heart, and there were more tragic moment’s as well, especially when their love was deemed unclean, and Audry was imprisoned for years before she could be released, but with ONE exception. Interested in finding out how the story ends? Let’s just say there’s a family secret revealed and a possible child of light produced. You’ll just have to buy the book and read it on Amazon to find out.

Rose S. King not only spins literature that is diverse and much needed in the African American community, but it is also layered with both spiritual and fantastical themes. The author created a novel that doesn’t end with just Audry and Roei falling in love and running away in the sunset. These diverse characters will keep you planted in your comfy chair waiting for more.

Speaking of more…

If you want to enter into a saga where fantasy meets religion and light joins darkness. Then, this is the novel for you. I hope you enjoy the work and remember that Rose S. King has additional books so be prepared for the battle of a lifetime when you pick up this series. You can find out more about Rose S. King on her blog here.

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