**Exclusive** Get the First Chapter of the New Adult/Sci-Fi Novel — Syphons

Hiya Literary Fans, 

I’ve been working hard on getting my novel ready for distribution by Spring 2019. 

I’m busy and about to get busier!

Here’s what I’ve been up-to so far: 

  • Revising my 100th (at least it feels like 100th) draft for editorial review.
  • Seeking out beta readers and book reviewers, if you’re interested in being either a reader or reviewer just send me an email to dasmith@dasmithwrite.com
  • Getting used to the idea that one day my work in progress is going to be published. 

Now, that you know what’s been going on, here’s what I would like to do for you. 

My new adult/science fiction novel called Syphons will be released next spring. However, I am giving you a chance to read the first chapter, now, when you sign up for my e-newsletter

Still on the fence about getting a copy of the first chapter? Check out the synopsis below: 

Synopsis: Solstice Bellatrix, an ordinary, curvaceous, twenty-something was already killed once.

She’s not cool with almost being killed again. 

A chance encounter at a nightclub with a violent being covered in multiple appendages leads her into the home of a handsome stranger. 

When she awakens, she’s greeted by Alexander “AJ” Ward. Witty, charming, and, dangerous with a set of golden eyes that makes her melt. She fears her past is about to return at full speed with this man in her life.

Alexander Ward sees or rather “tastes” through Solstice’s false sense of humanity, and easily calls her out on it. AJ knows more about the enemy who wants her dead than he admits, but he’s willing to help her, at a cost. 

The attraction between Solstice and AJ is otherworldly and their new bond comes with a special set of super abilities.

Solstice is going to need more than a couple of self-defense classes and a good pair of running shoes to make it through the week. She must trust AJ to help protect her and her friends from a deranged Queen and her hoard of brainless Drones. 

Thankfully, AJ has a team of non-humans, a couple of top secret agents, and of course his own gifts to protect his Entangled One. 

Maybe, Solstice doesn’t have to die again!?

When you sign up for the e-newsletter, you will get a copy of Syphons, A Novel – Chapter 1  and future updates on the progress of my first indie novel, and more!

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Thanks for reading, (as always)!!

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