Hey Fat Girl – A Poem

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

Hey Fat Girl!

How many times are you going to call me fat? 

Hey Fat Girl!

Didn’t you hear me! Don’t call me fat, I do not care for you calling me that!

Hey Fat Girl!

When was the last time you called me fat? Was it after you stole my savings bond and gave the money to the drug dealer before dinner?

What about dinner! Oh, yes, I wanted to eat. Food, I gave you money for food. You cashed in my savings bond. But, we have no food. 

Hey Fat Girl! 

Yes, I heard you call my name.

So what if I watched my grandmother disintegrate! No, she didn’t get devoured by creatures in the dark.

Instead, she was devoured by the creatures in her blood. The ones that infiltrate the body and are strong against the chemo drugs.

Hey Fat Girl!

I found a job. Yes, one that pushed me to the edge. That brought me close to the ledge. The job that nearly sent me over.

To my falling death.

I do not think bodies bounce when they hit the ground. Even fat ones like this one won’t survive the impact.

Hey Fat Girl!

It’s you again. I see you haven’t learned to stop calling this name.

You know, the one you gave me after you rejected me in front of your friends. The one you call me behind my back. Oh, you know the one, the one that rappers refer to when they talk about my race because I am black! 

Hey Fat Girl!

Bully on the playground, please put down your rocks. Your words are empty against these clogged ears. You can’t win against me. You will not build up walls and tear me down. I promise you there is a Being stronger than you. And, yes He knows my name! Unlike you!

Hey Fat Girl!

Hey Fat Girl!

Hey. Fat. Girl.

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