My Top 3 Anime Shows I am Watching this Week (Dec 9th)

This is the first week of a new blog post series about my love: anime.

My TV is rarely on, but when I’ve got my laptop, I’m digging deep into some anime biz. I don’t always read the manga since the bright colors and subtitles get me good.

But, when I’m in-between editing books and/or suffering from a bad case of writer’s block, I want to veg out and forget about my existence. 

The following animated TV shows are what I’ve binged on for the week of Dec. 9th: 


Attack on Titan

If you haven’t watched Attack on Titan currently airing on Adult Swim. You haven’t lived. 

The premise of the show is about Eren, a citizen who lives inside of the walls of a major city, while human-eating Giants run amuck outside of the city’s walls. Well, one day the Giants decide it’s time to enter the city.

Without giving too much away, there are a lot of…, bodies for the next few episodes. 

I like this show because the storyline, plot twists, and character development make me work harder to be a better writer.

Mob Psycho 100

This show is a little newer to me. 

It’s about a kid named Mob, he’s in middle school, he looks normal as all get out, but with weird eyebrows. He’s a tad…, odd because he is the only one in his family with psychic abilities.

In the series, when his Psycho Level reaches, 100…

It’s. About. To. Go. Down!

Mob is recruited by a hack, who uses his gift to fight the invisible forces that haunt the people of his town. Mob thinks he’s getting trained, but actually, he’s working for nothing but chump change. 

Overall, this show makes me think outside of the box while giving me a good laugh.


This show isn’t the inspiration for my current work in progress, but my mouth hit the floor when I discovered that Japan possibly put my ideas in manga form. Thankfully, they didn’t. But, I still enjoyed this anime. 

So, Parasyte is about a teenager named Shinichi. He goes to bed a normal teenage boy and wakes up with an eyeball in his right hand (madness, I know). 

Apparently, while he slept, he wrestled with an alien parasite on a mission to get to his brain. The parasite failed its objective and got stuck in his hand (thank you, earphone wires). The rest is downhill for Shinichi. 

So, Shinichi and his hand parasite, Migi (“Right” in Japanese) work together in a symbiotic relationship to keep Shinichi safe from other Parasytes that want to devour him. 

If you are okay with some body-mod horror, this anime is for you. 

Now, these are the animes I’m watching, can you suggest any to me for next week’s viewing pleasure? Or are there any anime out there you absolutely love?


Author: D. A. Smith Writes

I'm a sci-fi and fantasy author who also enjoys reading those genres. Some of my favorite authors include Keri Arthur, Gini Koch, and Patricia Briggs. When I'm not writing, I'm either lounging on a beach in sunny Florida with a good book, watching anime, or writing a new work in progress. * Syphons - A Sci-Fi Novel - Available: May 3rd, 2019 * Stolen by the Ash - An Urban Fantasy - Available: Now

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