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Please don’t laugh at my joy. Here goes nothing!

I have a day job. 

I take care of my disabled parent.

I fix myself dinner.

And, then I work on my writing from 6 to Midnight (sometimes longer).

My hard work paid off.

I checked Amazon the day after I published my first official fiction e-book which was on sale for 99-cents on Amazon (free this week only). I had a strong feeling that there wouldn’t be much happening in the Amazon KDP reports section.

What I saw shocked me. 

Someone bought my book.

They weren’t reading it for free.

They didn’t subscribe for an email newsletter with a free e-book attached.

They. Bought. A. Book!


Okay, so, it was 35-cents for a royalty.

But, OMG, I sold a book.

I didn’t know who to tell. So, I kept it a secret. 

I was proud. So, proud. 

But, I knew haters would hate. And, folks who didn’t believe in me wouldn’t care about the sale. 

But, I cared, because even though I’m not starving, in fact, I’m pleasantly plump.

I sold a book. 

So, this post really goes out to the person who did little marketing, a tiny bit of social media work, and a lot of finger crossing. Now, what if I had actually tried…, which I am trying now!!

Now, I’m learning how to market my work better. 

I created a guest post. 

I signed up for more social media sites to share my cute images (thanks, 

And, I did something that freaked me out…, I asked for supporters. And, would you believe, I got support. 

I learned many things, during my first month since publishing an e-book. I plan to share more posts about future books.

I want to make things transparent for new writers and authors.

For instance, as of this writing, I have about 14 individuals with copies of my e-books. It’s only been a month. My goal by December 9th, 2018 is to have 20 e-books distributed.

And, like I mentioned before I didn’t market aggressively, and everything I’ve done so far was for free, and I am nearing that goal. Though, I may need to consider raising the goal next time.

However, I’m going to keep pressing onward. How about you?

How are you promoting your work and how is your trip towards being a successful self-publishing/indie/authorprenuer writer in the game is going? 

I'm a sci-fi and fantasy author who also enjoys reading those genres. Some of my favorite authors include Keri Arthur, Gini Koch, and Patricia Briggs. When I'm not writing, I'm either lounging on a beach in sunny Florida with a good book, watching anime, or writing a new work in progress. * Syphons - A Sci-Fi Novel - Available: May 3rd, 2019 * Stolen by the Ash - An Urban Fantasy - Available: Now

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