Modern Dating Is For The Birds Read a Romance Novel & Do This Instead!

I love sci-fi and urban fantasy novels with romantic elements. For me a little bit of romance goes a long way, it doesn’t even have to be the central theme of the story. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, when I thought dating in the real world (I was 14 at the time) wasn’t as legit as sparkling vampires. My eyes became open, and here I am ten years later finally happy to just be single.

Here’s what I found out along the way and I know you’ve probably experienced the same thing. Otherwise, why read this post?

There’s a reason why you’re single. I bet you believed it was somehow your fault, like I did. I thought if I lost weight, changed my style of clothing, and maybe tone down my laughter. I’d find love. I thought I needed to fix myself in order to be lovable.

How silly of me.

But, there is something wrong with the new dating norm. And, we’re not the only ones suffering through this modern dating crises.

In the era of dating apps and smartphones, you’d think communicating with a potential SO would be easier.

Ha, ha, how naive.

Let’s take a look at the following things that makes dating feel like a long walk on a bed of coals.

Swipe Left On Answering Text Messages:

You meet a great guy. He asks for your digits. You may text him your name so that he can plug your contact info into the phone. And then you text him a goodnight with a smiley face.

If anything in that statement above sounds like coming on too strong, please let me know below, so that I can ease up on all the pressure I throw at men.

Back in the day, you called a crush. Today, if you text them too often, too little, too long, too brief, or any other toos, you’ll end up too lonely, and too single.

Here’s a tip for the person who keeps people on read status, instead of causing a potential date to have a meltdown by not reading their text and having the courtesy to text back. Try texting a simple: don’t contact me ever again. So, that they can move onto the next one.

Off Again, On Again, (or Off Again…)

Now, let’s say a great guy is kind enough to return your texts or at least read them and reply to you in about a day or two. Then, you start going out. But, he decides you’re not his type, so he leaves. And, a month later out of the blue, guess who’s come running back? Then he leaves again. The cycle continues and it leaves you hoping for more interactions with this individual.

Why? Why is this a thing? Why are human beings allowed to run into your life and then leave out of the blue? I suppose free will comes into play.

Just be honest. Let me down easily, or abruptly. And, then let me stay down. I can dust myself off and walk away just fine without you running up on me to trip me again.


I didn’t know I was ghosted until a month after it happened to me and an article online told me this was a thing.

Wow, so, that guy who I texted and we admitted our feelings for one another after a couple dates was an undercover phantom? (I’m talking to you Danny Fenton!)

Hmm, guess I need to do better next time when it comes to picking a man. No one likes a flake who can walk through walls, and who can’t even commit to flying into their afterlife.

If this happens to you, just leave him where you found him; in the graveyard on a dark and scary night.

So, these things irk me and have been happening to more women (and men) than just myself.

If people can learn to be loving and conscientious, maybe dating would be more bearable.

Dating is bad enough without all the bells and whistles involved with being a jerk. Do you have any other dating tips below?

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