Writers Get The Spark Back In Your Writing By Doing These Simple Steps

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You start working on your next writing assignment with a fast approaching deadline. You’ve had ample time to brainstorm, research, and put everything you have down on paper. 

You revise, edit, rinse and repeat. But, as the deadline looms closer.

The words stop flowing. 

Writing doesn’t feel like fun anymore. It’s starting to feel a lot like… work. Dreadful and exhausting, work.

If you are feeling this way about writing, it’s a sign that you are probably burned out and need a fresh perspective on your project. The tips below can help you regain your creative drive and learn to enjoy your writing life again.

Nature Helps Creativity

Get outside.

Breathe fresh air.

Look at the morning dew evaporate from blades of glass.

Walk in a sunshower.

Anything is better than sitting behind a desk, staring at the blinking cursor on a blank page when you are too tired to even type out a word let alone a chapter for your next novel.

An article produced by Berkeley University recommends getting in the great outdoors to shake off the dullness which comes with writing for a living.

Let’s face it. Being a writer is a lonely gig. It’s one of the few jobs where collaboration isn’t necessary until the actual work is completed or near completion.

Now, consider how helpful the next pointer is not only to your well-being but your creativity as a writer.

Burn Calories

Exercise for some is the bane of their existance. But, consistency is key to building a proper exercise routine.

Now what does this have to do with writing?

The WritePractice states that working out may even improve your creativity. 

If you’ve ever been stumped on a particular plot twist or can’t get the creative juices flowing for your next blog post.

Try going for a walk and using a tape recorder or a recording app on your phone to take verbal notes during your workout. You may end up with better ideas than if you were sitting in a chair letting the blood pool in your glutes.


Everyone can’t afford the expense or time needed to go on a grand vacation. And, if you are pinched for cash and don’t have that giant writer’s salary that every writer should be earning (kidding!), you may be more inclined not to travel.

Whether you fly out to visit your favorite country from your favorite story, or opt for a staycation. Traveling can make you a better story teller.

Which writer do you think would be able to create a story worth claiming your attention?

The person who perused a couple of travel guides about a small town in Italy for a research project?

Or, the person who visited the village, smelled the local cuisine and livestock, listened to the native tongues of the people and their intracacies, and tasted the yummy pasta fresh from the kitchen? 

Sometimes experience is your best teacher.

Limit Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to promote and humble brag about accomplishments. It’s also a well known distraction. Just the thing a tired and drained writer needs.

A fifteen minute reprieve may turn into hours worth of cat videos, life quotes, and celebrity gossip. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or one of the other popular sites, it may be a good idea to take a break, based on this Readers Digest article.

On a personal note, I recently dropped off a few social media accounts, and I focus scheduled time on 2. I feel like my writing has improved. I don’t feel stressed about not reaching the same forms of success as my peers. And, I have time to enjoy my writing.  

Dream Bigger – Start with a Life Plan

Sometimes writers are focused on stepping up the next rung, instead of looking at their path up the ladder.

Wishing to have a bestselling book on Amazon or successfully finding an editor, may be things on your list and it’s not a bad thing.

Some dreams need to be big, so that you don’t lose steam when dealing with the small stuff.

Don’t just create a fancy book cover, use it to build your brand.

Don’t just find an editor, build a hype-team for your next launch.

And, so on.

Successful or not creating a map for your journey through life can help you dream big and accomplish bigger things. This interactive video is a great guide that shows you how to get started on creating a life plan.

So, there you have it, the five ways that writers can improve their creativity and defeat writer’s burn out. 

Do you have any other ways that help you deal with creative burnout? Leave a comment below.

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