Don’t Worry About Fitting In – Find Out Where Your True Creativity Comes From

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I frequently think about how my life would change if I was a professional, full-time writer, with book signings, students to teach, and a talk show gig to attend.

In the past, I used to think the things above showed myself and the world that I am a writer, but not only that, I’m successful.

Instead of basking in that adolescent dream and society’s ideas about success, I think about the stress that would inevitably overtake me. And, with stress comes doubts, and with doubts come bouts of writer’s block.

I’m not against gaining accolades for my hard work or having the opportunity to share my work with important individuals. But, I do believe this time in my life where my words don’t matter to many will be the opportune time to produce my best creative work.

I know writers with experience tend to create good literature. But, they may become more reserve, and once they find their niche it may be hard to venture out.

Even, I am mindblown when writers who I know write in one genre end up exploring a different genre entirely. It’s not that they are imposters, it’s just you may never have expected them to step away from their norm.

I like the idea of knowing I can create anything at the moment, with little to no fallout. I share my work online. If I get trolled. Oh well, it’s the fact of putting your literary life out there.

But, if I was an established writer, I would feel the pressure to make sure my work speaks to everyone.

And, I might get hung up on the negative attitude of 2-star reviewers. Then, my work would suffer or I might go into hiding to avoid more ridicule (or not).

This is an extreme example, but I understand it’s lonely at the top, and probably a long and hard fall downward.

However,  one nice thing to think about being inexperienced, I can change my technique and expand my mind.

I love a lot of things. Writing isn’t my only venture. I love science, technology, pop culture, and anything business related. Some experienced writers become pigeon-holed into one role.

I don’t want to be forced into a mold. I want to explore. Expand and keep growing and going with my mind and my writing.

Do you ever feel like inexperienced writers have it a tad easier than the well-established writers? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be glad to let you know what I think about your opinions.

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